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Founded in Dallas, TX by Director and Producer Randy Peterson, The Distillery is home to some of the most innovative and visually appealing creations in the country. As a boutique production house, The Distillery fuses old world filmmaking and creative process with today’s modern technological advancements in the realm of commercial, corporate and original program production.

From broadcast to digital, internal or to the world; The Distillery approaches every project with the same process – a process aged over a decade while principal Randy Peterson built original TV programs for television networks throughout the country. Raised and trained in the world of travel, nightlife, and pop culture programming, Randy was creating branded content long before the term was coined by agencies as the next great way to communicate with an audience. Whether called advertorials, branded content, or simply commercials, The Distillery has mastered the art of storytelling.

The Distillery draws its namesake inspiration from the famous bourbon distilleries of the US. Alongside the ‘big boys’ of the bourbon market are a handful of small boutique producers. They use their small size to their advantage in being nimble, creative and fluid. However, at the same time these master distillers stay true to their passion – they use their experience to mix together tradition, technology, and their expertise to create something that people will savor and enjoy for years to come….a beverage which tells its own unique story through every sip…The Distillery hopes to do the same with every frame!

Randy Peterson comes from a background of TV programming. With experience in creating, directing, and even hosting award winning television programming, he brings a well rounded view of the industry. From acting as his own script writer to his own on-camera talent at times, he has experience in building programming from the ground up and creating successful, sponsored programming in multiple cities in the US. He also used to jump off of things on fire, but that’s another conversation in itself. (feel free to ask him about that over a cocktail.)