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Michael Pokocky

I think one shouldn't say such things about a public tradition and institution that inspires our youth.

Why not go out and coach a young kid for free who has potential and help them get to another level and leave the Olympics alone?



Darcy Moen

Michael, have a look back in history. The games were just a contest, bragging rights if you will. In the original games, athletes competed, and winnners would receive a simple white strip of cloth to designate the ultimate winner. All accomplishment is fleeting. See Hugh Mcleod's posting about victory and accomplishing golas here:

Darcy Moen

Updated link:


wow, people really dislike the idea of being "critical" or having an "opinion". I don't see at all how your post, Randy, could be twisted into possibly criticizing the Olympics or it's participants. To suggest that you should go out and coach for free instead of notice, think, and speak your opinion is ridiculous. I didn't see anything malicious in your post at all.

This is clearly a case of bad design. It missed the mark entirely. I don't blame the designer, I question the committee that approved it. What was the goal?

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